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Weekly play 4 – DS106 make bank

For this week’s weekly play, I chose to do a daily create of  DS106 make bank.  The one I did was: #tdc2123 Oops We Missed Happy Diwali (already tweet it!)

Diwali is a festival in Hinduism where people light up to expel the darkness. I chose this “create” because it reminded me of a photo that I took in the new year, 2014.  I took this picture in Notre Dame, France. I was walking inside, and the sunlight shines on top of the sculpture.  I like this kind of coincidence, and I enjoyed capturing it. Doing the daily challenge gave me an opportunity throwing back to those joyful days traveling in France.



5 thoughts on “Weekly play 4 – DS106 make bank

  1. That’s a beautiful picture, and that’s an interesting concept that I personally haven’t heard about yet. My question would be how and why do you consider that you “made” this picture, because you’re using sin as the source for light. It’s a beautiful picture that you captured! When I think of “making” a picture I instantly think of controlling all the aspects of the picture, building up the scene such as with a candle, etc. I’m not sure myself, is there a difference between “making” and “capturing” a picture? How technical does it get? What do you think?


  2. Thank you! I appreciate your comment because it inspired me in thinking about the difference between “making” something or “capturing” something. I actually got the idea when I was viewing other people’s response. Someone posted a photo of sunset, captioning “The ultimate source of light.” That’s when I thought about “oh we can do that?” I have to say that I’m not really sure about “make and capture” for this photo. But when I took this picture in a certain angle so the sunlight will be right above the sculpture. I’m thinking about I might be setting up the scene, not controlling elements but coordinating it to create something special.


  3. Hi there,
    I think this picture is so cool, we live in a world now where pictures dominate our lives. We have to make sure we snap a picture of everything that goes on in our lives, whether it’s the food we eat, the places we go, and activities we do. I think this is a cool thing because it gives people some chances to see what other countries look like and give them a different perspective of what other cultures are like.
    Wonderful Job


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